The new old – Another cover for your earholes

Do you like the deftones? Of course you do. So do we. That’s why we covered their classic song “Change (in the house of flies)” when we played On the Town with Mikey Dee at WMFO in Medford, MA last year. We did manage to get the entire set recorded, which included this gem. We don’t know exactly how many people heard the original broadcast, which was our second live performance ever (if you count radio broadcasts). I was especially nervous to do this song, which I love, but you do Chino Moreno right, or not at all. So the pressure was on. But it came out great and as we get ready to book our next round of gigs to finish off 2014, we thought we’d put out this lost awesome from the DCA archives for everyone to enjoy. Click the Youtube link, or download the track from our Bandcamp page (the title is in Malay, because we can). Cheers!


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