MAY 23rd

May 23. Save that date, and get ready to truck out to TT the Bear’s in Cambridge, MA, because once the stage is rebuilt after Vary Lumar wrecked it at the Rock and Roll Rumble last Friday, we will be having our record release party with Fiesta Melon, The Flo’, Schooltree, and special guests From Below, trucking all the way up from Brooklyn, NY to support us. Details forthcoming.

New music, new tour dates coming up for summer

While Fusco and Christopher destroy Boston with their band Vary Lumar, here’s what’s happening in the DCA camp. First, our upcoming double EP “Workhorse/Firehorse” (also known as the ‘Year of the Horse,’ or the ‘Horse Collection’) is entering it’s next stage as NY producer Phil Petrie (he of Ex Machinae and producer of DCA’s “EMPIRE GONE”) and Todd enter the studio to wrap up recording “Workhorse”. You can expect the collection to drop in May, barring unforeseen circumstances. And of course, new releases demand a record release party, the details of which are forthcoming.

Tour dates are shaping up as well. The first Event331 was a success, so we’re heading out into the wild again. We can tell you that the next Event331 will be from June 27-29, and we’ve already hinted at one of the cities will be visiting that weekend, but we’re still working on this so stay tuned.

In the meantime, Thompson’s Beat is live on our Bandcamp page, so click that music tab and give it a listen, including our surprisingly popular cover of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World,” which we renamed Talakawa Duniya because, well, we do that.

Event331 – Day Two & Three

Everybody already knows this, but our show in Brooklyn was absolutely unhinged. We couldn’t have asked for better friends or a better crowd if we genetically engineered them out of Slayer and Beatles fans. It was so great to see old friends and new friends come to this show and GET. DOWN. Legion is a tiny room with brick walls, so everything went from zero to obliteratingly loud in a blink. The beautiful Ladyhammer kicked everything off right with a one-two knock-out punch of surefire guitar rock and soaring vocals. Ladyhammer vocalist/guitarist Lex has some amazing pipes. Clearly everyone was amped. Then we got up there and did our thing. Not even a pre-show dinner at White Castle could slow us down. The energy everyone gave back to us was off the charts, and afterwards, we all agreed that this gig easily fell into our top five favorite shows we’ve ever played. Our cover of KRS-One’s classic track “Sound of da Police” was obviously a huge hit with the Brooklynites. Then the mighty From Below took the stage. Their tracks from their EP “No Gods No Monsters” are poised to become indie rock legend, and their live performance was a sight to behold. They have so much energy, I thought guitarist Tom Hoy was going to atomize right before my eyes. Oh, and they covered Tool’s classic track “Sober.” Unbelievable.

After the show, everyone made us feel welcome and at home. There was clearly no ego or attitude in the house that night. Each band had a unique sound, but every band was there for each other, and our great cause. It was a jaw-dropping evening of epic good times. We will not forget this gig any time soon.

A quick drive across New Jersey, and we landed in Philadelphia to play the Legendary Dobbs. Dobbs is easily one of the most professional and accommodating venues I’ve ever played. They conveniently reserved space in front of the venue for us for easy load-in, and even paid part of the parking meter. Classy! The backline was great; we had an easy set up, and good sound throughout the night. Vince, Gary, Ali, and Dennis run a really tight ship, and made it work for us. We look forward to going back.

It was also great to see old friends in Dockument. Vocalist/guitarist Jarrett Zerrer and I go way back, and hearing the new electro rock dance music he makes with cohort Julian is just amazing: shake your ass beats with groovy synths and Jarrett’s hook-laden guitar work. Awesome combo. Sys2matik Ovrl0ad also delivered a solid set of guitar-driven goth and industrial, a sound that came straight out of my youth and was great to hear again. What was most astonishing about this bill was it contained three electronic acts that all had a different and exciting take on the music. It’s too bad the impending winter storm that night kept most people indoors – they missed some great electronic artists really doing it up right.

Suffice to say that Event 331 was a success. We raised some money for the Integral Heart Foundation, and got to bring our sound to new places. We made new friends and reunited with past cohorts, “proper villains” all.

Will there be another Event 331? You bet your ass. But first we have to finish our double EP “Workhorse/Firehorse” and get that in your earballs. Thank you so much to everyone who came out all three nights. We had an intense, awesome weekend, and look forward to seeing you next time. Cheers!



#event331 Day One

Recovered and awaiting pickup, Day One of Event 331 couldn’t have been better. Surrounded by friends and new fans, we literally shook the walls of the Cantab Lounge’s basement, to the point where our sound guy had to come over to the stage midset and repair a panel on the wall our sound had shaken loose. People danced, banged their heads, and had a good time. Many thanks to EXH4LER, Emergency Exit, and the Doug Macdonald Band for joining us. We had a dead battery and microphone cable that kept popping loose, but altogether it was an encouraging start to the mini-tour.

What was really great was the love friends and fans showed by picking up t-shirts and donating to the Integral Heart Foundation. It was exciting to see people get on board and show their support for these kids in need. Cambridge, Mass. folk are definitely soldiers to the cause.

Next stop is Brooklyn, NY, where we rendezvous with DCA’s origins, and take our message straight to the front lines. Come out to Legion on Metropolitan. We hear the L train is shut down, but the G train stops only a few blocks away. See you all tonight.



#EVENT331 – Day Zero

As this post goes live, we will be walking into the first Midday Social of 2014. If you haven’t been to a Social before, they are a networking event hosted by Midday Records, they of fine independent New England bands and other generally cool things. DCA has represented at every Social, and has garnered many opportunities thanks to being at them. If you’re in Providence tonight, swing on over to Platforms on Poe Street and stop by. The event is FREE, and if you come find us, I’ve got a kickasss new DCA button for you. Also, everyone in attendance will hear our new single “Thompson’s Beat” before it’s released. In the meantime, stay tuned to this page as we will be liveblogging all of #event331 from here.



What is #event331?

event331flyer (1)


#event331 is Downcity Armory’s upcoming mini-tour. 3 shows in 3 states over 1 weekend. It begins on Friday, 2/28 at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA. We’re playing with our pals EXH4LER, Emergency Exit, and the Doug MacDonald Band.

Then the action heads down to Brooklyn, NY on Saturday 3/1 at Legion, where we join our friends From Below and Ladyhammer.

We wrap things up in Philadelphia, PA Sunday 3/2 with special guests and good buds in DOCKUMENT and Sys2matik Ovrl0ad, over at the Legendary Dobbs.


But #event331 is more than just a mini-tour. Thanks to Tom of From Below, we’ve partnered with Luke Armstrong of and to turn #event331 into a three-day fundraiser for the Integral Heart Foundation,  a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Guatemala, whose mission is to give impoverished children an education. School is a luxury for many of Guatemala’s poor. Children are often forced to work in garbage dumps, rummaging through trash looking for recyclable items for money. And tragically, many of these kids are lured into illegal sex trafficking, forced into prostitution just to survive. An education helps prevent this from happening, and gives them a path to a brighter future.

This makes it all the more important for you to come out and support DCA, and all the great bands we are playing with on this mini-tour, as all the proceeds we earn will be donated to the Integral Heart Foundation. And if you can’t make it to one of the shows, swing on over to our Bandcamp page and download some songs, or order a t-shirt. You can name your price. (Or just message us about how to get it and avoid extra fees.) Our music is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.

More info for the shows can be found on our Shows page. You can also help by promoting this mini-tour on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #event331, inform all your friends in the Boston, New York, and Philadelphia areas about it, and encourage them to come see us and donate to the cause. It could make a huge difference in the lives of children in desperate need.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on tour.